Vintage Advertising Thermometers For Every Taste !

Thermometers and particularly advertising thermometers are always on demand. The combo of a nostalgic value, an actual horizon to the past and the vivid colors, styles, shapes and forms all wrapped around one simple and compact charming little gizmo can literally make an item come alive, or at least make it the perfect add to one’s ever-expanding collection.

Whether it’s a Coca Cola thermometer, an indoor outdoor thermometer, a rare collectible thermometer, a couple of matching porcelain thermometers or even a soda thermometer, we have it all in stock, just waiting to be hand-picked and ordered by the collector with the finer taste.

We carry broad spectrum of vintage thermometers brands ranging from Coke, Sunbeam Bread and Camel to Chesterfield, Bireley’s Vicks and more. We guarantee you nothing sort of premium quality collectible thermometers with a value only increasing with time.
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We’ve gained our reputation in the industry throughout 20 years of operations off-line. Working with extremely demanding national and international clients can mean only one thing: we constantly maintain and restore all our items from the thermometer sign to  cigar tins to their highest possible degree of quality.We and keep them in a hermetically sealed safe environment that will not harm or affect their vividness or character in any way.

What makes us the best? That’s an easy question to answer. Our entire eShop is our collection, and as professionals, who take pride in the business, we know what every collector knows. A collection must always be synonymous with fulfilling and perfection. Luckily, our catalogs stand in those criteria, and we would like to welcome you in.

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