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Coca Cola has taken the world by storm a very long time ago. On top of this international mogul’s finely addictive and deliciously gripping beverage, it has left behind more vintage & antique remains of its brilliant marketing tactic(s) in all 7 continents, than a man can count in a lifetime.

The vast majority of these have been discarded a long time ago. But the ones with the greater value have survived until this very day. They arrive to you in the form of the YSI’s premium coca cola antiques & coke collectibles catalog; packed with rare and priceless vintage coca cola collectibles.
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1940 Coke Tin Serving Tray (SKU: 321-K)1940 Coke Tin Serving Tray (SKU: 321-K)1940 Coke Tin Serving Tray
1941 Coke Serving Tin Tray (SKU: 708-K)1941 Coke Serving Tin Tray (SKU: 708-K)1941 Coke Serving Tray
1942 Coca-Cola Authentic Advertising Serving Tray (SKU: 1003)1942 Coca-Cola Authentic Advertising Serving Tray (SKU: 1003)1942 Coke Advertising Serving Tray
Coca-Cola Celluloid Advertising Button (SKU: 793-K)Coca-Cola Celluloid Advertising Button (SKU: 793-K)Authentic Celluloid Coke Advertising
Coca-Cola Double Sided Advertising Sign (SKU: 154-I)Coca-Cola Double Sided Advertising Sign (SKU: 154-I)Authentic Coke Advertising Sign

If it’s anywhere between antique coca cola trays, coca cola signs and a coca cola collectible advertisement clock, we got it in stock, and in good condition too.

Being coca cola collectors ourselves (as indicated by our superb catalog and collection) as well as antique collecting professionals with an outstanding industry reputation, we know how to differentiate the good from the bad. Coca cola collectables are our specialty. We stand behind every single item in our catalog, both in terms of quality and in terms of price. As the countless number of our returning customers already know, our love for the profession is what differentiates us from others. Whether it’s a coca cola memorabilia tin or a colorful green & red Pam Co Clock coca cola vintage advertising clock in remarkably vivid colors, you can shop with the ease that arrives with absolute privacy, security and unattainable quality.

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